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The Committee is pleased to announce that it has elected Flora Anderson to life membership in recognition of her many contributions to Angair’s goal over many years.

Flora will be presented with her Life Membership Certificate on Sunday, 3 May at 10.30 a.m. at the Angair Natural History Centre.

We are keen to publicise Angair activities in as many ways as possible, to increase awareness of conservation issues, and improve knowledge of native vegetation values. We are developing a Facebook page, which has increasing numbers of “likes”, and which is a good way to connect to a broader section of the community. If you are participating in an Angair activity, and have a camera, please take a photo (with approval of the subject) and send it to Christine Forster at Please “like” us on Facebook.

We are also reviewing content and distribution methods for the newsletter, and may survey some or all members about how we manage these elements in the future. Postage and copying costs are rising and we want to minimise our carbon footprint. We currently email 240 and post 190 copies.

The Committee encourages members to actively participate in activities that are featured each month in the newsletter. This is a great way to meet interesting people, learn new things, enjoy our fantastic environment and get some healthy exercise. I doubt whether any other environmental/conservation organisation in Australia offers so many opportunities to participate in positive environmental activities.

We are currently preparing a submission to the Surf Coast Shire (SCS) on proposed amendments to the planning scheme, which we believe will have positive outcomes in protecting high-value native vegetation around townships in the SCS. Several Vegetation Protection Overlays (VPO) will be replaced by Environmental Significance Overlays (ESO). We have also commented on the planning application associated with rebuilding the Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club. We do not oppose the development as long as the planning approval reflects the vegetation report recommendations. If you want to examine the planning application, you can view it on the SCS website,

Another submission made by Angair to SCS was on the Open Space Strategy 2015-2025, where we emphasised the importance of protecting native vegetation, rare species and vegetation communities (EVC), and areas set aside for their special natural values.

Parks Vic is proposing amendments to its Management Plan for the GONP to formalise a mountain bike track system at Eumeralla. Members are checking details of the plan and tracks to be approved or closed, and will make a submission by the closing date of 27 April.

Peter Forster