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Angair is very grateful for the continuing financial support of the Wildflower and Art Show by the Anglesea & District Community Bank (Bendigo Bank).

Once again $750 has been provided to support the Art Show.

Alcoa has developed draft guiding principles on the future of the Anglesea mine and power station as follows: it provides a safe and stable landform for future uses and values, complements the natural environment, supports a diverse range of future uses and outcomes, honours the various cultural and heritage values of the area and complements the future of the Anglesea region.

The membership of the 2016 Angair Committee of Management comprises: President Peter Forster, Secretary David Williams, Treasurer Conrad White and general members Christine Morrissey, Wendy Crebbin, Christine Williams, Roger Ganly, Ros Gibson, Neil Tucker, Ellinor Campbell, Christine Forster, Sally White, Helen Tutt, Les Lyons and Bill Clarke. If you have any Angair issues you wish to raise please contact one of the committee members or email Nat at the office at

Following the upgrade of the Angair office roof, several members have been busy reinvigorating the surrounding native garden.

Peter Forster