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Estuary Watch Seminars Angair members have been invited to attend the latest in a series of Estuary Watch seminars entitled Estuaries Unmasked.

The seminar will be held at Surf World Museum, Beach Road, Torquay on Wednesday, 13 November, 6.30–8.30 p.m.

There will be two speakers :

1. Dr Tim Smith, an expert in Victoria’s sea-grass communities, will discuss the importance of sea-grass in bays and estuaries.

2. Dr David Kennedy, a coastal geomorphologist specialising in the impact of storms, climate change and sea level rise on coastal land forms such as  reefs, rocky shore lines and estuaries, will discuss some of these issues.

Angair members are welcome to attend. Please call 5232 9100 for enquiries and bookings, and RSVP by 7 November.

Shire Presentation to Neil Tucker

At the October Social Evening, prior to  Valda Dedman’s fascinating presentation on butterflies, Gabrielle O’Shea and Kate Smallwood, from the Surf Coast Shire’s Department of Environment and Community Safety, made a presentation to Neil Tucker, to thank him for generously donating his time and expertise to improve the plant and animal records for the Shire’s nature reserves

Over the past 12 months, Neil has prepared comprehensive lists of flora and fauna, and problem weed species, and for the first time, has identified fungal species found in our area. Neil’s inspections, sometimes accompanied by other Angair members, have revealed a number of species not previously known in Shire reserves, or the local area. Over 40 reserves have been visited. This comprehensive information, including photos, is being used to update the Shire’s records, and will enhance the Shire’s understanding and management of its nature reserves. The information is also being used to plan weed control and re-vegetation activities, and will become available on line through the Nature Reserve pages on the Surf Coast Shire website

Copies of the comprehensive lists, and photos for each reserve, have been placed in the Angair Library.

Helen Tutt