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Angair is a finalist in the Tidy Towns: Sustainable Communities (Environmental Section) Awards, having been nominated by the Surf Coast Council.

We will be presented with certificates for participation and for being selected as a finalist, by a Keep Australia Beautiful representative on Monday, 3 October, at the Angair office at 11.15 a.m. Any interested member is welcome to attend.

We have produced a colourful new brochure publicizing Angair’s aims and objectives, which was available at the Show. It is hoped that it will encourage lots of people to become new members. Many thanks, to Janet Stephens for organizing the brochure.

Have you seen the advertising about the Melbourne Cup visiting Anglesea? Sunday, 23 October is the date, and an all-day festival is planned to celebrate the event. Angair is having a stall at the Riverbank Market, where we will sell plants and merchandise.

On the following Saturday, 29 October, we will have a stall at the Aireys Inlet Primary School Fair again selling plants and merchandise. We hope many of you will come and support us at both these events.

The highly, successful 2011 Wildflower and Art Show is over. The attendance was greater than last year, and we were thrilled to see more young parents and their children enjoying the Show. The children’s activities were excellent and extremely popular. A large number of members were involved in all aspects of the Show, and I thank them all sincerely for the enormous amount of work they did to make it a happy, educational and fun event. It was re-assuring to see new faces involved, and hopefully, they will continue with their assistance in the future. Remember, the 2012 show is less than twelve months away.