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This very attractive walk starts opposite the Burnside Camp in Ellimatta Rd Anglesea.

There is a very good diversity of plants. The profusely flowering pink Silky Teatree was a highlight as were the delicate Twining Fringe Lilies.

pink silky teatreeEnjoying the pink Silky Teatree

A few sun orchids were seen and lots of pea flowers tested our id skills – Bush-peas, Parrot Peas, Wedge-pea and Aotus.

identifying peasIdentifying the peas

dwarfbushpeaDwarf Bush-pea

 little red ridinghoodRed-riding-hood Pea

Purple-flags were appearing in the sun.

short purple flagShort Purple-flag

We were delighted to see one Yellow Admiral butterfly.

At the top of the hill we enjoyed the panoramic view over Anglesea where the tide was very low exposing a rock platform out from the Anglesea beach.


Alison Watson