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Once again we had perfect weather for our annual walk and celebrations at the Moggs Creek Picnic Ground on Saturday, December 11.

After so many of our members being in lockdown during the year it was a very relaxed group of twenty-six people, including three children, who gathered for the 10.30 walk around the circuit track with many joining for morning tea and a chat before setting off.

readytowalkMorning tea over and we’re ready to start walk

We stopped to read the small interpretation sign that encourages people to take time and try and absorb all the beauty that can be heard or seen along the track.

There are certainly many wonders along this creek track

And then we were on our way walking the track with beautiful ferns along the side:

Maidenhair Fern

maidenhairandraspfern Maidenhair Fern and Rasp Fern intermingled

There are four small wooden bridges along the track walk and it is worth stopping at each of them just to see what may be in the creek or gully.

trollsArlo and August check to see if the Troll is hiding under the first bridge that we call the Billy Goat Gruff bridge

grouponbridgeA few walkers resting at the second bridge

There were certainly many small treasures to be observed along the sides of the track

margaretphilipaMargaret shows Philippa the tiny Bluebottle Daisy

The Cut-leaf Daisy was just so spectacular

palevanillalilyAnd the Pale Vanilla-lily was admired by all

lookingcinnamonbellsWe looked for the Tall Cinnamon Bells that we have seen in other years but they were not to be found

And there was very little of the Victorian Christmas Bush that is usually flowering in profusion at this time of the year

Back at the picnic ground and the numbers had now swelled to 51 with three Parks Rangers also joining the group. As in 2020 there were no tables of attractive salads or smells of a barbecue wafting through the air as corona virus restrictions and regulations meant no sharing of food.

People were soon spread out amongst the Ironbarks and other eucalypts. They had brought along their own picnic lunch and soon were enjoying their food in this great environment.

Lunchtime in the great environment of the Great Otway National Park

familygroupPhil, Alison and young Jack enjoying lunch together while Simon joins the family group

Gretel chats with Park rangers Lachie and Michael

Patrick and Sally said some thank-you’s to members for their contribution during the year on behalf of the Friends of Eastern Otways and Angair, and Matt responded on behalf of Parks Vic.

patricksallySally and Patrick say ‘Well Done”

mattMatt the FEO liaison ranger thanks all with Jackie watching on

Angair took the opportunity to present Honorary Life Membership to Roger Ganly for the wonderful contribution he has made to Angair over the years.

rogerSally presents Roger with his Life Membership Certificate

Another year of conservation activities within a pandemic year had come to an end and people were looking forward to a break to recharge and start again in 2022 when hopefully things may be at a more normal level.

Margaret MacDonald