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The Hoodie Story at Moggs Creek (Part 3) – well it was the Dad that did it!

Thanks to Geoff Gates, a local volunteer from Bird Life Australia, and his knowledge of Hooded Plovers, we now know that the single parent that did such a wonderful job of raising its two chicks to fledglings at Moggs Creek in February this year, was indeed the dad.

This is not a mathematical computation but, our single parent is banded Om/RW. Two years ago Om/RW mated with NS at Moggs Creek. For some reason this partnership did not last, and in 2013, Om/RW mated with HE, and again in 2014.

NS has now mated with MR, and they are presently the proud parents of two tiny chicks at Guvvos Beach, Anglesea. Geoff knows that MR is a male, and therefore NS is a female. If NS is a female, then Om/RW is a male!!

Our two fledglings, VM and MH, have ventured into the wider world, and it is great to hear news of their adventures.

Hoodie VM


Hoodie MH


MH was sighted at Thirteenth Beach near Barwon Heads on 5 March. Who knows where the next record will be?

Margaret MacDonald
Photos by Ian McConchie