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It has remained relatively dry throughout April; however, with the odd light shower the flying ants have set their new queens to the air much to the delight of the local microbats in and around the golf course.


lesser long ear batLesser Long-eared Bat

northern batNorthern Bent-winged Bat (images kindly provided by Nathan Litjens)

The Grey Shrike Thrushes and Splendid Fairy-wrens have been coming into Niblick St mothing sheets each morning, fattening up on the remaining cup moths that have been out in force recently as they get ready to mate before the winter cold.

grey shrikethrushGrey Shrike Thrush

male splendid blue wrenMale Splendid Fairy-wren

female painted mothFemale Painted Cup Moth

male painted mothMale Painted Cup Moth

The Female and male Golden Whistlers have been coming back in to the gardens due to the dry conditions.

female golden whistlerFemale Golden Whistler

male golden whistler male golden whistler 1Male Golden Whistler

We continue to enjoy the Australian Owlet Night-jar that roosts in the Niblick Street bird box.

owlet nightjarOwlet Night-jar

John Lenagan