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Ten of us had a delightful ramble in a section of the GONP burnt in 2018. We were very happy to welcome some new people to our group.

We marvelled at the beautiful Tall White Spider Orchids many of which were knee high, many patches of Donkey Orchids including some pure yellow flowers, beautiful Eastern Bronze Caladenias and petite bright pink Tiny Caladenias.

measuringMeasuring the height of Large White Spider Orchids

largewhiteLarge White Spider Orchids

Donkey Orchids

bronzeEastern Bronze Caladenia

One Tall Leek Orchid was in bud and various Sun Orchids were in bud including the Great Sun Orchid. We had a total of 22 orchids.

mantisorchidMantis Orchid

The day started out threatening rain, but it held off. Many other heathland plants were in flower. We finished off the morning with a viewing of the Common Bird Orchids coming out on the corner of Portreath Rd and Forest Rd.

commonbirdCommon Bird Orchid

Alison Watson