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I am conducting my honours project on common heath Epacris impressa, a small upright shrub, flowering quite spectacularly during the winter months.

Photographs of pollinators of Common Heath Epacris impressa

Individual plants have red, pink or white flowers, and plants can be found in areas where only one floral colour is dominant, or in areas where all colours are present. Part of my project involves identifying pollinators, and determining whether different pollinators are preferentially attracted to the red, pink or white flowers.

I am seeking photos that show birds or insects visiting Epacris impressa flowers.

Eastern Spinebill pollinating Common Heath

These do not need to be National Geographic quality photos, as long as the animal is identifiable and the floral colour is visible. Ideally, they would be accompanied by information about the locality, and date of the image, as well as to whom the photo should be credited. All images will be used for research purposes only and will not be reproduced without permission.

Your contributions will aid in a better understanding of the reproductive biology of Victoria’s floral emblem.

Thanks in advance,


Postal address: Ms Nicole Webster C/o Dr Susan Hoebee
Department of Botany, La Trobe University
Kingsbury Dve, Bundoora
Victoria, 3086

Nicole Webster