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A beautiful Winter morning for a small group to walk the 10.2 km circuit to Currawong Falls.

Currawong Falls is an excellent walk in the Otways with the vegetation continually changing from Ironbarks and Casuarinas to Xanthorrhoea, and tall Tree Ferns with an understorey of Dusty Miller, Spyridium parvifoliumPomaderris and Goodenia.

grasstreeExamining the Xanthorrhoea

There are rocky sections and good views over Aireys Inlet and the ocean.

Many plants thrive in the moist conditions including lichen, sundews, mosses and fungi and walking at a leisurely pace we identified over 30 species of Fungi.

reindeerlichenReindeer Lichen

emporerwebcapEmperor Webcap, Corinarius archer

olderwebcapOlder Emperor Webcap

A lovely Fungi Walk.

Deborah White