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Further to last month’s article, Greenearth Energy conducted their community consultation meetings on 18 June, and followed up with a separate session for Angair members on 21 June.

This was well attended by about thirty people.

Greenearth is in the process of selecting a site for the initial test drilling, and have evaluated a number of possibilities in the Tanners Road area, south of Moriac. They have identified ten potential sites, which the company presented to the meetings, together with their evaluation of each site. Criteria used in the evaluation include environmental impact, community amenity, cultural heritage and site access. Greenearth distributed a booklet detailing the evaluation, and is seeking public comment via a feedback form. Copies the evaluation and form are available at the Angair Office, or can be downloaded from their website at

Angair are pleased that environmental considerations are being properly addressed, and are hopeful that the final selection will be outside the Anglesea Heath. Greenearth expect to make a decision within a month. They will then apply for a permit for Stage 1, which will involve detailed evaluation by the Department of Primary Industries. Many conditions will have to be met, such as the requirements of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and the Anglesea Heath Management Plan. Other regulatory bodies such as DSE and Parks Vic will be involved in issuing appropriate permits. It is expected that very stringent conditions will be applied including vegetation offsets, emission controls, noise abatement and a fully audited operations management plan. Commencement of on site work is not anticipated before 2014

Angair are happy to have been consulted by Greenearth, and will continue to be involved, with representation on the Community Reference Group. Greenearth are proposing to have a display at the Angair Wildflower Show, where members may learn more about this project.

Roger Ganly