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The last Anglesea Grevillea (Grevillea infecunda) survey February 21 was held out along Bald Hills Road in an area that hasn’t been surveyed previously and resulted in 132 plants being surveyed and added to the mapping of this endemic plant.

We were joined by a Deakin work experience student, Andrew Steward, who is now able to identify this species and also enjoyed the morning tea afterwards!

Grevillea infecunda survey

The information from these surveys is then uploaded into the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (VBA). Rani Hunt, Biodiversity Officer with DELWP, has just finished uploading over 1000 new records of Anglesea Grevillea into VBA as a result of the data we have collected in the field through these monthly surveys carried out in 2015 and 2016. This is an amazing effort to be able to provide such detailed information on this threatened species and we are so grateful for the participation and dedication of the members of Angair and Friends of Eastern Otways.

The March survey was carried out at the same site on Bald Hills Road and will build on the February survey.

Margaret MacDonald