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Over 20 people arrived for the walk on Footy Final Day including some young visitors.

It was good walking weather but we waited in vain for the sun to shine enough for the many Rabbit-ears Thelymitra antennifera to open. (They were open the day before in the sun.)


There were many Waxlip Orchids, Glossodia major, some Donkey Orchids, Diuris orientis, a couple of Thick-lip Spider Orchids, Caladenia cardiochila and one Bearded Greenhood, Pterostylis unicornis– one of Anglesea’s endemic orchids.

donkeyDonkey Orchid yellow form

We also found a single Flying Duck Orchid, Caleana major in bud. Other flowering plants included Soft Bushpea, Pultenaea mollis, Cypress Daisy-bush, Olearia teretifolia, Blue Squills, Chamaescilla corymbosa var. corymbosa, Love Creeper, Comesperma volubile, Showy Parrot-pea, Dillwynia sericea, Creamy Candles, Stackhousia monogya, Horny Conebush, Isopogon ceratophyllus, Scaly Buttons, Leptorhynchos squamatus subsp. squamatus, Blunt Everlasting, Argentipallium obtusifolium, tiny White Marianth, Rhytidosporum procumbens, and Twining Fringed Lilly, Thysanotus patersonii.

conebushHorny Conebush flower

firsthillMade it up the first hill

One very interesting, tiny object that was spotted turned out to be a Liverwort Asterella drummondii. It looked like a miniature fungi with a frilly edge but was attached to a leaf structure.

Lunch on Shiny-eye track

Along the final stretch of Shiny-eye Track the white Heath, Epacris impressa with patches of pink dotted here and there was quite spectacular.

heath vistaHeath vista Shiney-eye

Birds heard and seen included Rufous Bristlebird, Pied Currawong, Olive-backed Oriole, Little Raven, Spotted Pardelotte and Crimson Rosella.

young onesThe young ones enjoying the walk

As we walked through this area we enjoyed the many views across the heathland. It was pleasing to see lots of other people out walking and enjoying the environment as we were.

Alison Watson