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Ellinor Campbell has submitted the following interesting snippets:


  • The Animal Justice Party opposes lethal control control of invasive species as it refuses to acknowledge that invasive species are a threat to Australian They claim that the principle threats to native fauna are habitat loss, climate change, hunting, motor vehicle collisions and pollution.
  • There is concern that the English harlequin ladybird, originally from Asia, which is widely considered one of the worlds most invasive insects could arrive here.

PARK WATCH Victorian National Parks Association

  • Review of the Regional forest Agreement:
    • New South Wales and Tasmania have just rolled them over for another 20 years. Victoria is consulting, and has established the Office of the Conservation Regulator (OCR) to oversee regulatory functions in conservation and environment. They aim to have new agreements in place by December this year. One of their five reported objectives are to :’improve the long tern sustainability and viability of forest-based industries.’


  • There have been numerous theories about the function of the conspicuous helmet on the front of the head of the Cassowary. Recently scientists discovered that it is used for thermoregulation – the casque offloads heat when exposed to hot conditions.
  • Birds colours. Recent studies of Fairy-wrens have shown that, surprisingly, the colourful males are no more likely to be taken by predators than the dull brown females. It seems that females take more risks, so bright feathers would be more dangerous for them.
  • The Blue-winged parrot, which is regarded as fairly common, seems to be declining, and could become rare.