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Five of our members and Morgan (a Year 10 Work Experience student from Lorne P-12 College) joined Rani from DELWP on our June survey.


We were thrilled with the results of this survey, carried out on Allardyce Track NW of Anglesea. There were a total of 135 plants across the 6.4ha surveyed. We had previously recorded 28 plants across 2.5ha. As Rani said, ‘that’s an excellent improvement on knowledge of the grevillea locations.’

The drive along Allardyce Track was a test for the new Subaru XV, but it passed the challenge with flying colours. The drive back along Haggarts Track was much less adventurous.

Some additional rewards for our endeavours included observations of a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring overhead, and some early flowering Juniper Wattle, Acacia ulicifolia, a rare plant in our district.

Margaret MacDonald