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We started the ramble in the Great Otway National Park opposite Fifth Avenue in O’Donohue Road.

A short distance from the start of the track saw the beginning of the heath display Epacris impressa, and it continued over much of the area – pale pink, bright pink but only one plant with white flowers.

Along the way we saw the heart-shaped Mosquito Orchid Acianthus pusillus leaves, some with their tiny flowers still in good condition.

Mosquito Orchid

Mosquito Orchid

There were also the small, round leaves of Gnat Orchids Cyrtostylis and Helmet Orchids Corybus, with tiny buds, but we were too early to see the fully developed flowers.

Close examination

Close examination

There was one area where the Sweet Wattle Acacia suaveolens was abundant and flowering profusely, making a gorgeous sight.

Admiring heath

One peculiar find was the Smooth Parrot Pea Dillwynia glaberrima in flower, well out of season, as its normal flowering time is towards the end of the year!

June and July are the months when Honeypots Acrotriche serrulata is in flower, and we were able to discover some flowers hidden low on the stems of the plant , and taste the sweet honey [nectar] held in minute urn-shaped receptacles.

Another plant in flower was Prickly Cryptandra Cryptandra tomentosa, a low-growing plant with white flowers which become pink with age.

As well as plants, we saw fungi and had a good sighting of the male Scarlet Robin.


As we returned to the cars, the rain started.

Christine Morrissey

Photos by Ellinor Campbell