The complete list of orchids that have been found in the Anglesea and Aireys Inlet district are detailed in the table below - taken from Orchids of the Anglesea District by Everett Foster and Margaret MacDonald (available from ANGAIR).

You can browse this list which is alphabetical by scientific name or enter a term in the search box to find what you are looking for. Please note there is a separate list for other flowering plants.

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Scientific nameCommon nameFlower colourFlowering time
Acianthus caudatusMayfly OrchidPurple greenAugust September
Acianthus pusillusMosquito OrchidBrownApril May June July
Burnettia cuneataLizard OrchidWhiteSeptember October
Caladenia australisSouthern Spider OrchidCreamOctober November
Caladenia capillataWhite Daddy Long LegsCream RedSeptember October
Caladenia cardiochilaThick-lip Spider OrchidCream RedAugust September October
Caladenia carneaPink FingersWhite PinkSeptember October
Caladenia clavigeraPlain-lip Spider OrchidYellow Green RedSeptember October
Caladenia congestaBlack-tongue CaladeniaPinkDecember January
Caladenia gracilisMusky CaladeniaWhite RedSeptember October November
Caladenia latifoliaPink FairiesPinkSeptember October
Caladenia maritimaAngahook CaladeniaWhiteSeptember October
Caladenia catenataWhite FingersWhiteSeptember October
Caladenia oenochilaRed-lipped Spider OrchidGreen RedAugust September
Caladenia parvaSmall Spider OrchidGreen RedAugust September
Caladenia phaeoclaviaBrown-clubbed Spider OrchidGreen RedSeptember October November
Caladenia pusillaTiny CaladeniaPinkSeptember October
Caladenia tentaculataMantis OrchidGreen RedOctober November
Caladenia transitoriaEastern Bronze CaladeniaGreen BrownOctober November
Caladenia validaRobust Spider OrchidCream RedSeptember October
Caladenia venustaLarge White Spider OrchidWhiteOctober November
Caladenia sp. aff. vulgarisPlain CaladeniaPinkNovember
Caleana majorFlying Duck OrchidRedOctober November December
Calochilus campestrisCopper Beard OrchidGreen PurpleNovember December
Calochilus imberbisNaked Beard OrchidGreenNovember December
Calochilus paludosusRed Beard OrchidRed GreenNovember December
Calochilus robertsoniiPurple Beard OrchidRed GreenNovember December
Chilolotttis reflexaAutumn Bird OrchidGreen Brown PurpleMarch April May June
Chiloglottis trapeziformisBroad Lip Bird OrchidGreen RedSeptember October November
Chiloglottis trilabraTall Bird OrchidGreen PurpleJanuary February March April May
Chiloglottis validaCommon Bird OrchidGreen PurpleOctober November December
Corunastylis ciliataFringed Midge OrchidGreen RedMarch April
Corunastylis despectansSharp Midge OrchidPurple BrownMarch April
Corunastylis morrisiiBearded Midge OrchidPurpleMarch April
Corybas diemenicusVeined Helmet OrchidRedJuly August
Corybas fordhamiiSwamp Helmet OrchidWhite RedSeptember October
Corybas incurvusSlaty Helmet OrchidRed PurpleJuly August
Corybas unguiculatusSmall Helmet OrchidRed PurpleJune July August
Cryptostylis subulataLarge Tongue OrchidGreen RedDecember January
Cyanicula caeruleaBlue FingersBlueAugust September
Cyrtostylis reniformisGnat OrchidBrownAugust September
Cyrtostylis robustaLarge Gnat OrchidBrown RedJuly August
Dipodium pardalinumWhite Hyacinth OrchidWhite RedJanuary February
Dipodium roseumRosy Hyacinth OrchidPinkJanuary February March
Diuris chryseopsisGolden MothsYellowSeptember October
Diuris orientisDonkey OrchidYellow Red BrownSeptember October
Diuris pardinaLeopard OrchidYellow BrownAugust September
Diuris sulphureaTiger OrchidYellow BrownOctober November
Eriochilus cucullatusParson's BandWhiteMarch April
Gastrodia proceraTall Cinnamon BellsBrown WhiteNovember December
Gastrodia sesamoidesCinnamon BellsBrown WhiteNovember December
x Glossadenia tutelataHybrid BluebeardPurple BlueSeptember October
Glossodia majorWaxlip OrchidPurple WhiteSeptember October
Leporella fimbriataFringed Hare OrchidGreen RedApril May
Leptoceras menziesiiHare OrchidWhite RedSeptember October
Lyperanthus suaveolensBrown BeaksBrown YellowSeptember October
Microtidium atratumYellow Onion OrchidYellowOctober November
Microtis arenariaNotched Onion OrchidGreenOctober November
Microtis parvifloraSlender Onion OrchidGreenOctober November
Microtis raraSweet Onion OrchidGeenNovember December
Microtis unifoliaCommon Onion OrchidGreenOctober November
Orthoceras strictumHorned OrchidBrown Green YellowDecember January
Paracaleana minorSmall Duck OrchidGreen Red BrownNovember December January
Pheladenia deformisBluebeardBlueAugust September
Prasophyllum australeAustral Leek OrchidGreen RedDecember January
Prasophyllum barnettiiTawyn Leek OrchidGreen RedNovember
Prasophyllum brevilabreShort-lip Leek OrchidPurple WhiteSeptember October
Prasophyllum elatumTall Leek OrchidGreen Brown WhiteOctober November
Prasophyllum lindleyanumGreen Leek OrchidGreenOctober
Prasophyllum sp. aff. odoratum AScented Leek OrchidGreen Red BrownOctober November
Prasophyllum sp. aff. odoratum ESmall Coastal Leek OrchidGreen Red BrownNovember
Prasophyllum sp. aff. odoratum FDense Leek OrchidGreen Red WhiteOctober November
Pterostylis alpinaMountain GreenhoodGreenSeptember October
Pterostylis atransDank-tipped GreenhoodGreen White BrownNovember December
Pterostylis chlorogrammaGreen-striped GreenhoodGreenJuly August September
Pterostylis concinnaTrim GreenhoodGreen BrownSeptember
Pterostylis curtaBlunt GreenhoodWhite GreenAugust September
Pterostylis falcataSickle GreenhoodGreen WhiteOctober November
Pterostylis foliataSlender GreenhoodGreen WhiteSeptember October
Pterostylis x ingensLarge Pointed GreenhoodGreen WhiteSeptember October
Pterostylis melagrammaTall GreenhoodGreen BrownJuly August September
Pterostylis nanaDwarf GreenhoodGreenJuly August
Pterostylis nutansNodding GreenhoodGreenAugust September October
Pterostylis parvifloraTiny GreenhoodGreen WhiteMarch April
Pterostylis sp. aff. parviflora (Southern Vic)Brown Tipped GreenhoodGreen White BrownApril May
Pterostylis pedunculataMaroonhoodGreen White BrownAugust September
Pterostylis sp. aff. plumosa (Anglesea)Bearded GreenhoodGreenSeptember October
Pterostylis sp. aff. revoluta (Inland)Autumn GreenhoodGreen WhiteApril May
Pterostylis sanguineaBanded GreenhoodRed BrownMay June July
Pterostylis striataStriped GreenhoodGreen BrownJune July
Pterostylis tasmanicaSouthern Bearded GreenhoodGreenOctober November
Pyrorchis nigricansRed BeaksWhite RedSeptember October
Thelymitra antenniferaRabbit EarsYellow BrownSeptember October
Thelymitra aristataGreat Sun OrchidBlueOctober November
Thelymitra benthamianaBlotched Sun OrchidYellow BrownNovember
Thelymitra brevifoliaPeppertop Sun OrchidPurple Blue WhiteSeptember October November
Thelymitra carneaPink Sun OrchidPinkOctober November
Thelymitra flexuosaTwisted Sun OrchidYellow OrangeOctober
Thelymitra heimalisWinter Sun OrchidBlue PurpleJuly August
Thelymitra x irregularisCrested Sun OrchidPink YellowOctober
Thelymitra ixioidesSpotted Sun OrchidBlueSeptember October November
Thelymitra juncifoliaRush-leaf Sun OrchidBlueSeptember October November
Thelymitra matthewsiiSpiral Sun OrchidBlue PurpleAugust September
Thelymitra x merraniaeMerran's Sun OrchidBlueOctober November
Thelymitra mucidaHoary Sun OrchidBlue PinkNovember
Thelymitra pallidifloraPale-flowered Sun OrchidWhite BlueOctober November
Thelymitra paucifloraSlender Sun OrchidBlue WhiteOctober November
Thelymitra peniculataTrim Sun OrchidBlueSeptember November
Thelymitra rubraSalmon Sun OrchidPinkOctober November
Thelymitra x truncataHybrid Sun OrchidBlueOctober November
Thynninorhis huntianusElbow OrchidRed GreenDecember January



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