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Only six people braved the wet conditions for our second attempt at this walk in 2018 – first attempt on March 17 had been postponed due to extreme heat.

Group at Teddys Lookout

As it was raining we decided to have morning tea at Teddys Lookout.

With weather conditions improving we decided to continue with the planned walk.

On the way to Blanket Leaf Picnic Ground we were devastated to find a Red-necked Wallaby struggling in the middle of the road – obviously hit by a car and just left to its own devices.

We managed to calm it down and cover with a warm rug until Grant from Wild Life Rescue arrived on the scene.


The young Wallaby was taken to Jirrahlinga but unfortunately did not survive the trauma.

A lesson to us all just how important to be on the alert for wildlife when driving on roads in the Otways.

Eventually we were all able to complete the walk.

The water in the Creek was clear fitting to name of Lemonade Creek.

Lemonade Creek

And the ferny gullies were impressive:

Ferny gully

Fern gully


Lots of fungi to admire:



And plenty of water in Erskine Falls:

Erskine Falls

Margaret MacDonald