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As part of their community consultation the Alcoa website invites people to suggest ideas and support other people’s suggestions via their ‘brainstorming’ link.

Currently there is very strong support in both the number of suggestions and the frequency of ‘likes’ for a variety of ‘active’ uses, such as lakes, hotels or mountain bikes. If this is a popularity contest, or a situation where the loudest voices will get the best hearing, then preserving the environment is well behind.

The Angair committee now recognises that we also need to be an organised group willing to lobby for what we value. So please register, make suggestions, and vote for other suggestions supporting protection for the environment and environmental tourism. Please also tell anyone else you know who could be interested.

To do this you need to register onto the site. The page will ask you for a ‘Login’, which is a modern name for a non-de-plume, your email address and password. After that it is fairly easy to move around the site, submit suggestions and click on the heart symbol of any of the suggestions you support.

Information from the Anglesea Futures Open House about potential short and long term options for Anglesea River is also now available on the Anglesea Futures website at

Wendy Crebbin