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On a pleasant sunny morning a group of Angair members went to the Lookout Flora Reserve for the Nature Ramble on Monday 13th February.

Being towards the end of a very dry summer, the vegetation was looking greatly in need of rain. But, despite this, several species were flowering and brightening the mostly brown landscape.

We started the walk at the rebuilt concrete lookout structure, with wonderful views of Pt Roadnight.

This area is typical heathland; low-growing plants and small shrubs, few trees.

Examining Honey-pots

One of the lowest-growing plants is the Cranberry Heath – Astroloma humifusum. The bluish foliage has rich, red, bell-shaped flowers hidden among the leaves; it flowers in late summer and autumn.

cranberry heathCranberry Heath

A plant which spreads among and climbs over other small plants is Slender Dodder-laurel – Cassytha glabella forma dispar. Its tiny white round flowers really stand out among the brown stems and foliage.

slender dodder-laurelSlender Dodder-laurel

There were banksia plants – Banksia marginata in flower but not tall because of the harsh conditions at this site.

silver banksiaSilver Banksia

One plant which always looks cheerful is the Propeller Plant – Spyridium vexilliferum var. vexilliferum. The pale ‘petals’ are in fact bracts – floral leaves; the flowers in the centre of these bracts are very small and insignificant.

propeller plantPropeller Plant

Twiggy Daisy-bush – Olearia ramulosa stood out with its small, white daisy flowers, growing to one metre in height.

twiggy daisy-bushTwiggy Daisy-bush

The Moonahs – Melaleuca lanceolata were in full bloom; the cream bottlebrush flowers showing up clearly against the dull green leaves.


It was interesting to see a large variety of plants and to try and identify them, mostly without their flowers.

group roadknight

Chris Morrissey
Photos by Gail Slykhuis