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This month’s Nature Ramble was along part of the new path at Point Addis. This track is now part of the Surf Coast Walk, joining Point Addis to Aireys Inlet along the cliff-top.


Track sign


March is not known for its bountiful flowers, but we did manage to see a few, particularly where there was run-off from the Great Ocean Road. The Slender Dodder-laurel’s minute white flowers were contrasted against its tan, tangled stems as it climbed over small shrubs.

Slender Dodder-laurelSlender Doddel-laurel

A Silky Guinea-flower was discovered – it was very confused with the seasons, being found normally is spring.

Silky Guinea-flowerSilky Guinea-flower

However, Cranberry Heath got it right – it is an autumn-flowering plant but the red flowers are sometimes difficult to see as they hide on the ground amongst the blue-green foliage.

Cranberry HeathCranberry Heath

The Silver Banksia, our only indigenous banksia, had a lovely fresh yellow bloom which will turn brown as it ages. The plant was short, being exposed to salt-laden winds.

Silver Banksia

Silver Banksia

Twiggy Daisy-bush also had a few white flowers scattered among the fine dark green leaves.

Twiggy Daisy-bush

Twiggy Daisy-bush

The sun shone and we had lovely views of the ocean from time to time, making a pleasant walk, new for many of the members.

Christine Morrisey
Photos by Wendy Crebbin