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Five Angair members were thrilled to re-commence our nature rambles with the easing of restrictions following the Covid19 shutdown.

We walked in the Otway National Park on a cold, clear morning when the plants were sparkling in the sun with overnight dew.


The drosera were really beautiful, especially the Climbing Sundew, Drosera macrantha. Pic

sundewClimbing Sundew

We were rather surprised to pass through a moist gully where lots of Maiden-hair Fern, Adiantum aethiopicum were growing.

maidenhairfernMaiden-hair Fern

Being winter and damp, there were several species of fungi, including this Earth Star, growing flat on the ground.

earthstarEarth Star

And the bright yellow Belly Buttons, only a few centimetres high and with a dimple in the centre giving them their name.

babybuttonsBelly Buttons

A highlight of the walk for many of us were the Striped Greenhoods, Pterostylis striata, only discovered recently on this site. They have a strongly striped green and white hood with forward –facing lateral sepals.

stripedgreenhoodStriped Greenhood

There were lots of other winter orchid leaves and buds on heathland plants promising good flowers ahead.

Chris Morrissey

Striped Greenhood photo by Alison Watson
Other photos by Ellinor Campbell