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Thirteen Angair members were joined by seven young Green Army recruits for a gentle stroll along the Aireys Inlet Clifftop Track.


Recent low rainfall and some early summery weather meant that many of the species usually recorded there were either stunted or had been scorched.

Sea-boxes (Alyxia buxifolia) were beginning to flower:


Lookouts along the trail allowed good views of the Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary rockpools below:


The feathery fruit of the Small-leaved Clematis (Clematis microphylla) were a highlight.

Small-leaved Clematis
Small-leaved Clematis

We returned via the Allen Noble Sanctuary where several summer flowering species were seen around the water’s edge, and Eurasian Coots, Pacific Black Ducks and Purple Swamphens made an appearance too.

Running Marsh-flower
Running Marsh-flower (Ornduffia reniformis

Mud Dock
Mud Dock (Rumex bidens)

Photography: Ellinor Campbell & Ros Gibson