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A stunning day – sun shining and hardly a cloud in the sky. After a delicious morning tea in the local park in Gellibrand, some practice on how to ride an e-bike, and for some, reacquainting themselves with bicycle riding after a long gap, 11 bike riders and 5 walkers set off in two groups along the Old Beechy Rail Trail. With Nathan as the e-bike instructor and guide, our group pedalled west towards Dinmont.


Morning tea

The group enjoyed a two-hour ride along the picturesque undulating rail trail, stopping to learn about the trail’s history.

banool station

banool station 2Banool Station – historical features

The trail was narrow, enclosed by the forest and mostly uphill on the first leg. This of course meant a lot of free-wheeling on the way home. The landscapes varied including a logged area, a dairy farm and rain forest.


Between the walkers and riders there were lots of birds seen and heard including Yellow Robin, Grey Fantail, Golden Whistler, Brown Thornbill, Grey Shrike-thrush, Pied Currawong, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Yellow-faced honey eater, Magpie Lark, Welcome Swallow, Little Raven, Sparrow, Starling and Galah.

The walkers observed Mountain Clematis Clematis aristata (male), Snow Daisy-bush Olearia lirata and stunning Black Wattle Acacia mearnsii in flower.

photo4The vegetation was beautiful with masses of Mountain Clematis and Snow Daisy-bush

The two groups reconvened in the park and enjoyed lunch with the sun on their backs. A good day was had by all, so it’s likely we will run it again next year.


Sue Guinness