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Everett Foster and Margaret MacDonald are pleased to announce to members and friends that the third edition of their local field guide to the orchids of the area has been printed, and is now available for purchase.

The guide has a complete new look, with a panoramic view from the Anglesea coastal heathlands towards the Split Pont Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet on the cover, which has been gloss laminated on both sides.

Download a publication order form.

The authors have included three new orchids for the area:

  • Pterostylis chlorogramma Green-striped Greenhood,
  • Chiloglottis trilabra Tall Bird Orchid and
  • Lyperanthus suaveolens Brown Beaks.

Many digital images have replaced some of the photographs in our previous edition. The text has been printed on satin paper, and has been varnished throughout. For those people who thought Everett and Margaret were ageless, here is a photo taken in December 2009.

To Margaret ‘We are very happy with the finished product, which was published by Margaret Morgan from Inverted Logic, Melbourne, and printed by adams print, a local company from Geelong. Some more good news is that we have managed to maintain the price at $25 per copy.’

1500 copies of the field guide have been sold, which has resulted in so many people being able to recognise the Anglesea orchids, and also in making people aware of the need to protect their habitat. This was the reason behind the production of the book in 1999.

All funds from the sale of this book remain with Angair.