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At the April meeting the local Correa species were under investigation, starting with a discussion on the differences between the Common Correa, Correa reflexa var. reflexa, and the Eastern Correa, Correa reflexa var. speciose.

We observed several differences between the two but the most consistent was the pair of leaves just behind the flower/bud.

The Common Correa has a pair of clasping leaves i.e. hanging either side of the flower, whereas the Eastern Correa has a pair which is positioned at right angles to the flower.

The use of microscopes revealed amazing stellate (star-like) hairs on the leaves and stems, but when comparing the Common and Eastern with the White Correa, Correa alba, we found this Correa had far denser hairs, providing an even greater adaptation to the coastal environment.

The plant study group runs for approx. two hours, provides lots of laughs and no prior knowledge is necessary. Come and join us.

Gail Slykhuis