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A combined group of 15 Friends of Eastern Otways and Friends of Pt Addis gathered at the Ironbark carpark. We were pleased to have a student from St Joseph’s College , Pat Day, and his mother Sian join us for the mammal survey. Pat had helped in November 2015 and was keen to be involved once again.

Camera setting
Camera setting

 We placed 4 cameras and bait stations nearby then after a cuppa we headed down the nature walk track observing flowers and birds along the way.

The dam which had been reconstructed with the help of Angair members a number of years ago was completely dry and not holding water. Many birds were calling including Rufous and Golden Whistlers, Woodswallows and White-throated Tree-creepers.

We continued down to the ‘snake breeding area’ with lovely views back through the basin and the cliffs towards Southside. Neither snakes nor Emu-wrens were to be seen though often the Emu-wrens are in that area.

Heading up a quite steep hill we stopped at the conveniently placed new seat, then on to the lookout where we decided to have lunch.


We had a superb view of the beach and the peregrine nesting site.


Phil commented that it’d be perfect if a peregrine flew past and not long after it did, settling on the cliff face! There was no evidence of a nest that we could see.

Continuing on up the steps we wound our way along the Koori track enjoying the interpretive signs, thinking how nice it would be if there was a seat for each one – to sit and contemplate at leisure.

Along this track Grass-blue butterflies were enjoying the sun on some sweet smelling flowering Sweet Hound’s-tongue Cynoglossum suaveolens.

Grass-blue butterfly on Sweet Hound's-tongue
Grass-blue butterfly on Sweet Hound’s-tongue

We finished the walk at the beach access and lookout where Phil and Lachie drove us back to the cars. It was a very enjoyable day, perfect weather, blue sky and great company. We look forward to seeing the results from the cameras.

Alison Watson