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The recent mulching carried out by Forest Fire Management (DELWP) along the Great Ocean Road exposed the amount of litter accumulating in the bushland along this busy stretch of road. A crew from Forest Fire Management and the Surf Coast Shire (Cleaning and Outdoor Beautification) have been removing litter in response to Angair’s concern.

Unsecured tip loads are of major concern but the dumping of tyres, batteries, PVC pipes, plastic sheets, carpet, steel, buckets, paint and oil cans, polystyrene, electrical cables, car parts and rangehood filters as well as the deliberate act of disposal of takeaway food containers in the bush is an extremely sad indictment on today’s society.

rubbishRubbish in mulched area AOR

The image of bagged litter represents 225 hours of litter collection, a small fraction of the total amount that will be collected. At the time of writing clean- up work was still being carried out.

rubbish2Bagged rubbish

If you catch someone red-handed, please contact EPA Litter and Pollution Hotline on 1300 372 842, or police.

To report dumped litter, please contact Surf Coast Shire at or phone 5261 0600 (Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm). Your call, details and concerns will be logged in and passed on to the appropriate person for follow-up.

Gail Slykhuis, photos by Jean Francois Surf Coast Shire Team Leader, Cleaning and Outdoor Beautification