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News from our members – Jordan Ayton and Frank Paton

Sights from Pt Addis … Jordan Ayton

On Saturday June 22, I spent five hours at the Pt Addis lookout. There were lots of seabirds about 500 m offshore—Shy Albatross, Hutton’s Shearwaters, White-Fronted Terns, Crested Terns, Australasian Gannets. A juvenile Pacific Gull came by, circled a few times and then headed along the coast towards Torquay.

shy albatrossShy Albatross

white fronted ternsWhite-Fronted Terns

I noticed whales a lot further out, not really doing anything, just lying there. About 10-15 Burranan Dolphins were swimming amongst the sitting Albatross, forcing a couple to actually take off—the dolphins were surfacing right next the birds.

burranan dolphinsBurranan Dolphins

I noticed a large splash a long way out. With lens extended I could see the Humpbacks starting to breach. There must have been a few whales as there were constant breaches for about ten minutes—a great sight!

McMillan St – a bird’s paradise… Frank Paton

I was driving up McMillan St about 10 pm three weeks ago and as I approached Murray St, I noticed a small shape on the top of the street sign, which is now in the middle of the intersection. My headlights were on low beam, so hadn’t put any light on the shape. I stopped to see if something was there and it was a Tawny Frogmouth sitting (of course) perfectly still. I quickly took two photos on my iPhone but they didn’t show much detail. Suddenly it swooped towards my headlights—I assume a moth had flown towards my headlights and become dinner.