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Next time you walk down the main street of Anglesea, look up. Kookaburras, kangaroos, Weedy Sea Dragons, dragonflies, Hooded Plovers and more are hovering above you!


Ten beautiful metalwork sculptures, inspired by our local flora and fauna, are comfortably sitting on flagpoles well above the hustle of the shopping centre. Business and Tourism Anglesea (BATA) commissioned local artists Cinnamon and Rowan Stephens of Studio 66 to design and create this permanent art installation for the people of Anglesea and its many visitors.

The installation of solar bud lights around each of the artwork’s outline will double as a seasonal decoration when the lights are switched on from the start of December until the end of January.

’The extra bonus has been the feedback from the locals and visitors to our town,’ said Cinnamon. ‘I was initially nervous about what people would think, but I am now feeling more and more confident.’

Angair has been pleased and proud to contribute to this project as a sponsor. Cinnamon and Rowan’s aim was to celebrate our wonderful natural environment in their designs. They have succeeded brilliantly! All the sponsors will be thanked and appreciated on plaques to be installed on the poles.

Janet Stephens