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Angair relies on help from student volunteers to give us some much needed youthful energy and muscle power.

We are joined eight times a year by students from St Bernard’s College, Essendon as part of a regular ongoing program for their year 9 boys on camp at Santa Monica.

Additionally, this year students from the Christian College, Geelong joined Angair volunteers on 4 separate occasions in July as part of their Outdoor Ed Program. As a result of their efforts, a large Boneseed infestation visible along the side of Coalmine Rd has been removed, as well as a patch of very thick Boneseed along Pipeline Tk.

There is more work to be done in this area but having the students carry out the large majority of the work has been very helpful. Both Colleges also did some heavy labour for us, dragging large cut Sallow Wattle to a mulching point near the Cement Plant.

Thank you and well done to all.

Carl Rayner