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In December 2016 a three-and-a half-year-old male kangaroo was captured, weighed, measured, blood samples taken, a collar and ear tags, and given the name Urs.

Sometime after December 1 that year, he made the decision to leave the Anglesea Golf Club.

By early January 2017, a collared kangaroo had appeared at the Lorne Country Club. It was Urs. He had made his way to Lorne, a straight distance of 22 km, which was considered a dispersal record for the species.

Early in March 2019, Urs was tracked down by Graeme Coulson. Graeme supervises the Melbourne University researchers who study the Anglesea Golf Club kangaroos. Although Urs’s collar had broken away, his colour-coded ear tags were still intact, and from these he was identified.

Urs is apparently doing well, and living with a small group—still at the Lorne Country Golf Club.

Latest photo of Urs (courtesy of Graeme Coulson)

Kaye Traynor