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As part of a security upgrade we have taken the opportunity to refresh the look of the website to make it easier to use and more mobile device friendly.

The main difference is the navigation. The menu is now at the top and it is a drop down menu so you can access almost all sections of the site with a single click. This will make it easier to find what you are looking for or to go to the appropriate page. The number of top level menu items has been slightly reduced but all the content is still here. The menu at the top means that we have more horizontal space on the screen to display articles and photos and we can use a larger font which should be easier to read.

With almost a third of visitors using a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone, we have used an extremely mobile-friendly template that displays much better on all mobile devices. You have the option of using the smart phone version or the tablet/desktop version depending on the size of your device.

Please note that some reports from April may be on the second page of the home page (see at the bottom of the home page) due to the inability of the web site to be updated during April.

Upgrading the underlying software platform has brought us up to date and in a much better position to resist hackers who seem to like defacing or hijacking the site just for fun.

So explore the site and make sure that you enjoy all the great content that our wonderful group of contributors have provided!