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Twenty keen walkers took part in our inaugural walk of this new 4.5 km track. Under light cloud and a cool wind on the ridge we left the lookout near the western end of the Alcoa Boundary Track for a lovely undulating stroll through the Anglesea Heath.


Looking south towards the coalmine and the township of Anglesea at the trail head.

The track has recently been built by Parks Victoria and passes through the Anglesea Heath in the region of Salt Creek. There were many flowering plants, and although we heard a variety of bird species none were positively identified.

christineChris Morrissey using the new-fangled cleaner to minimize the risk of phytophthera dieback as the walk is through some wonderful areas containing Xanthorrhoea.

The well-formed undulating track that forms the Yan wirring mirr loop.

There were plenty of plants in flower, so much so that the 4.5 km walk took 2.5 hr to complete!

pouchedcoralfernPouched coral fern (Gleichenia dicarpa)

Prickly Broom-Heath (Monotoca scoparia)

swampseligenellaSwamp Selaginella (Selaginella uliginosa)

Prickly Geebung (Persoonia juniperina)

We will return to this track over the seasons to see the great range of plant diversity in the heath. Thanks to Chris Morrissey for her botanical expertise and Parks Victoria for the development of this track.

Rob Shepherd