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Our April Bird walk, which took us along the Anglesea Cliffs track to the base of the Eumeralla Scout Camp, was held in perfect autumn weather. One of the highlights of the walk was observing the changing vegetation – from heath to coastal sclerophyll forest – while noting the birds specific to each environment.

Striated Field-wrens and Welcome Swallows were a feature of the heath while honeyeaters (including Eastern Spinebill, Yellow-faced, New Holland, White-eared, Brown-headed and Red Wattlebird), Superb Fairy-wren, and Thornbills (Brown and Buff-rumped) dominated the forest and coastal scrub.

whiteearedhoneyeaterWhite-eared Honeyeater

brownheadedhoneyeaterBrown-headed Honeyeater

A second highlight was quietly watching many species bathe and drink from a small dam near the intersection of the cliff walk with Gully Rd. The care in which each bird approached the water reminds us how potentially dangerous this activity is.

redbrowedfinchRed-browed Finch


Finally, on our return walk we were rewarded with the magnificent sight of a Nankeen Kestrel searching for prey along the heath.

nankeenkestrelNankeen Kestrel

Twenty-five species were identified and the bird list submitted to e-Bird.

Debra, James, Janice, Marie and Rob participated.

Debra prepared and submitted the bird list, Rob wrote the report and provided the photos.