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Bird Walks

Grey Shrike-thrush
Bird Walks

August Bird notes

There was a good turn-up for last month's bird walk, with the weather dry and wind ok for bird spotting. The first location was the…
1 September 2023
Bird Walks

April 2023 bird walk

The April bird walk took place on the cold wet Easter weekend, but in unexpectedly pleasant weather. We visited two properties on the western side…
1 May 2023
Bird Walks

Cecil track bird walk March 2023

Our March birdwalk started well with a Common Bronzewing pigeon wandering around the Angair garden and displaying its iridescent orange/green wing patch when its feathers…
3 April 2023
Bird Walks

Bird notes March 2023

A pair of White-faced Herons have successfully raised five chicks near Coogoorah Park. The breeding saga began in November last year when Rob and Margaret…
27 March 2023
Bird Walks

August bird walk

A group of 14 birders visited two sites near Torquay on a splendid sunny morning. The first was Point Impossible near the carpark at the…
26 August 2022
Bird Walks

April Bird Walk

Our April Bird walk, which took us along the Anglesea Cliffs track to the base of the Eumeralla Scout Camp, was held in perfect autumn…
25 April 2022
Bird Walks

Clarkesdale bird walk

The March birdwalk was held in perfect weather at the wonderful bird sanctuary at Clarkesdale, managed by the delightful and dedicated Emily Noble. Gordon Clarke…
19 March 2022