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The March Bird Walk was in the Barwon Heads area. We were thrilled to have a new bird-watcher join the group, and for once, the men outnumbered the women.

We met our leader, Penny Kwait, at the Hospital Swamps, where we saw groups of Great Egrets, black-winged Stilts and Masked Lapwings. There were also many small water birds, particularly Red-necked Stints. We then drove to Taits Point, where we saw large numbers of Black Swan in the distance.

On to the coast at Blue Rocks, to the west of Thirteenth Beach, and we were delighted to see three adult and three juvenile Hooded Plovers. Penny showed us the difference between Red-capped and Double-banded Plovers, which we all managed to see.

We returned to Taits Point to shelter from the wind while we had lunch.

This was the last opportunity to see the migratory birds this year, as they will soon be leaving for their marathon flight to Siberia, where they will breed.

Chris Morrissey