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There have been several reports during the past month of Hooded Plover activity at Point Roadknight. On one day, a total of 15 Hooded Plovers (including 4 juveniles) were observed on the rocks between the two beaches at Point Roadknight. Since then, there has been varying numbers of birds congregating on the rock platforms at the Point. It also appears that the birds at the west of Point Roadknight have now nested. Many people have been monitoring the birds’ progress this breeding season, and the information they give is very helpful.

The recent threatening stormy weather has provided perfect conditions for White-throated Needletails. On some days they have been seen in large numbers, on the wing, swooping low at times, and then disappearing high into the clouds.

Other sightings of interest:

  • An Osprey was observed hunting along the coast and inlet at Aireys Inlet, on two consecutive days.
  • Rainbow Bee-eaters were seen flying over Anglesea.
  • A dead Latham’s Snipe was found at the Allen Noble Sanctuary.

Mike and Kaye Traynor

Margaret MacDonald has written about an experience she had recently and it seems very appropriate to include it in this report:

‘Sharing a special moment

It was 2 p.m. when I noticed a small clump of feathers on the deck outside my bedroom window. Feeling bad that a bird had possibly crashed into the window, although I had heard nothing, I went to pick it up and hold it in a warm position, as I had been shown by Mike and Kaye. However it was obvious that the bird, and I wasn’t too sure what it was, was not injured in any way. Perhaps it had been stunned, but it seemed that I had just interrupted its afternoon nap. As I touched it, the little bird awoke and flew up to the wire the deck. From there it climbed the side of the verandah post almost to the top, tucked head under its wing, and went back to sleep. At this stage there was no doubting what species it was – a baby White-throated Treecreeper! Obviously her parents (she had a bright chestnut rump) had taught her to climb, but she did not yet appear to know the difference between the verandah post and the trunks of the nearby eucalypts. I felt privileged to share the moment.’

Read about the bird walk to Breamlea and Ocean Grove on 12 March 2011.