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Fourteen people attended the Angair Bird Walk on Saturday 11 June. The weather did not look promising but in fact turned out to be not as windy as expected.

We travelled to Lot 2 Bambra Rd, Aireys Inlet which is a section of the Painkalac Valley that is privately owned and is being revegetated by grants obtained through Angair.

Roger Ganly from Angair has been leading the project. Several members of our group have been very active in this revegetation project over the past three years and were able to discuss the progress with the rest of us.

creekAlong Painkalac Creek

Over the period of this regeneration the bird walkers have been keeping a bird list for Lot 2 specifically and the Painkalac Valley in general. Currently we have 62 species on the list.

Our walk on Saturday was able to add two more species to the list: Yellow-rumped Thornbills and a pair of Flame Robins.

yellowrumpedYellow-rumped Thornbill

There was much discussion among the group as to whether we were observing a Scarlet or a Flame Robin (Scarlet Robins had been seen in this area recently); however the photos taken by Bron Ives left no doubt that we had indeed seen a male and female Flame Robin.

flamemaleMale Flame Robin

flamefenceMale and female Flame Robin

In all we saw 25 species. The number of Wood Ducks grazing on the valley is amazing. Also the various mobs of kangaroo number in the hundreds.

Janice Carpenter