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Fringed Hare Orchid

Orchid Highlight

We were thrilled to see the delightful Fringed Hare Orchids, Leporella fimbriata, flowering amongst low vegetation. Although the flower stem is only 25 cm high,…
3 May 2024
Parson's Bands

Orchid Highlight

Now is the time to look for the delightful Parson’s Bands, Eriochilus cucullatus. Parson's Bands The first ones were seen flowering on 14 March near…
3 April 2024
Autumn Wasp Orchid

Orchid Highlight

Flowering amongst large colonies of leaves the tiny flowers of the Autumn Wasp Orchid, Chiloglottis curviclavia, are greenish brown to purplish. Autumn Wasp Orchid leaves…
1 March 2024
Hybrid Rosy Hyacinth

An Orchid Challenge

They were growing in the Alcoa Conservation Reserve at Anglesea, flowering in December in the same area as Rosy Hyacinth Orchids, Dipodium roseum, and rare…
2 February 2024
Rosy Hyacinth Orchid

Summer orchid report

With the lack of rain recently our beautiful sun orchids and the other spring orchids came to an abrupt finish. Some people were lucky to…
1 December 2023
Eastern Mantis

November Orchid Report

The warm dry October has brought the spring orchid flowering to a rapid early close, unlike the previous few years. The sun orchids that gave…
7 November 2023
Purple Beard Orchid

November Orchid Highlight

The Purple Beard Orchid, Calochilis robertsonii, is a robust, tall orchid (to 45 cm) with up to seven greenish flowers with red stripes. The labellum is…
6 November 2023
Pink Sun Orchid

October Orchid Report

Due to the hot, dry and windy weather conditions the first few weeks of spring have been disappointing in the orchid world. Nevertheless all the…
3 October 2023
Leopard Orchid

Spring Orchids

Spring is the time of the year that we most look forward to, with many of our most impressive orchids flowering in this season. The…
1 September 2023
Veined Helmet

August Anglesea Orchids

With the last month of winter fast approaching we are observing many of our winter species of orchids in full flower, while leaves and buds…
24 July 2023