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With many people away at the SEANA camp in Little Desert it was a small group who met for the October bird walk.

We were privileged to visit the Coastal Forest Lodge property and enjoyed the tracks through the bush.

Kangaroo & joey

We found the eagle nest though it is falling into disrepair after not being used for many years.

Eagle nest
Eagle nest

The dams were full with lovely reflections, a chorus of frogs were calling and large rainbow trout were observed.


We had a total of 34 species with good views of Blue-winged Parrots, Dusky Wood-swallows, Horsfields Bronze-cuckoos, Yellow Robins and Eastern Rosellas.

Eastern Rosella

We were unable to find the Powerful Owl nest that had been seen a few years ago.

Thank you to Allan, Gail and Iona Roberts for allowing us to birdwatch on this delightful property.

Alison Watson