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There were seven birdwatchers at our March walk in Coogoorah Park. The morning was pleasantly sunny and we had a good start with the usual suspects around the car park and back towards to road. We had seen 23 species before we entered the boardwalk area.

Surprisingly there were none of the usual Great Cormorants on the dead water-logged trees near the car park, although later on we saw a couple of Little Pied Cormorants flying overhead.

Regulars at this venue, Ellen O’Reilly, Heather Watson and Marie Pirotta were able to direct us to parts of the park where they regularly see certain species.

My target species for the day was Emu Wrens as there have been many reported sightings of this elusive bird at Coogoorah Park. Unfortunately, we had no luck that day.

Our total count for the morning was 38 species which was very satisfactory. Thank you in particular to Ellen, Helen and Marie who confidently led us to the best birding spots in the park. My favourite bird was the, always gorgeous, Black-fronted Dotterel.

Black-fronted Dotterel

A less common Common Bronzewing was also a welcome sighting.

commonbronzewingCommon Bronzewing

Janice Carpenter

Photo: Marg Lacey