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It was a cold but sunny morning for 14 bird watchers at Distillery Creek.

The ironbarks were not flowering profusely with occasional hints of flowers on the walking track. Highlights of the observations were a few Varied Sittellas, an Australian Ground-thrush in the picnic ground area and a male Golden Whistler who was very co-operative staying close by and facing the group.

golden whistler

golden whistlerGolden Whistler male

There were some heath and correa flowers providing some colour and moss/lichen lined tracks in the wetter area as well as some fungi. The creek was not flowing but the little dam was full.

eastern spinebill

Eastern Spinebill

white eared honeyeaterWhite-eared honeyeater

eastern yellow robinEastern Yellow Robin

thornbillStriated Thornbill


cockatoo flying

two cockatoos

The Group covered a fair distance and enjoyed the walk.

Below is a list of the birds identified:

1. Magpie (heard)

2. Sulphur-crested Cockatoos

3. Grey Shrike-thrush

4. Eastern Spinebill Honeyeater

5. Crimson Rosellas

6. Eastern Yellow Robins

7. White-throated Treecreepers

8. Superb Bluewrens

9. White-browed Scrubwrens

10. New Holland Honeyeaters

11. White-naped Honeyeaters

12. Red Wattlebirds

13. Kookaburra (heard)

14. White-eared Honeyeaters

15. Weebills?

16. Brown Thornbills

17. Striated Thornbills

18. Grey Fantails

19. Grey Currawong

20. Pied Currawong

21. Mistletoe Bird

22. Wedge-tailed Eagles

23. Australian Ground-thrush

24. Varied Sittellas

25. Golden Whistler (male)

Peter Forster
Photos by John Lenagan