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White Correa, Correa alba var. alba, has been flowering for quite some time along the clifftops. The large dense bushes have white waxy flowers with four spreading petals.


White Correa

Another widespread correa, an Eastern Correa, Correa reflexa var. speciosa, is coming into flower with long tubular red flowers. Until recently this plant has been incorrectly called Common Correa, Correa reflexa var. reflexa. The most obvious difference is in the way the two leaves, at the base of the flowers, face. The leaves of Correa reflexa var. speciosa fan out from the flower.

Eastern Correa

The paired leaves of Correa reflexa var. reflexa fold down, appearing to clasp the base of the flower.

Common Correa

Just to further confuse us, there is also a green form of C. reflexa var. reflexa called Green Correa.

Look out for Coast Everlasting, Ozothamnus turbinatus, a large coastal shrub with masses of small cream tubular florets in conical flower-heads.

coasteverlastingCoast Everlasting

Ellinor Campbell