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Common Hovea

Flora Notes

Our heathlands are alive with the colours and scents of spring. Along the clifftops the fragrance can be almost overpowering. Many bushes are covered in…
1 September 2023

May 2023 Flora notes

Keep a lookout on your walks and you may be pleasantly surprised. Cranberry Heath, Styphelia humifusa (formerly Astroloma humifusum), has striking bright red narrow tubular…
1 May 2023

Flora Notes April 2023

White Correa, Correa alba var. alba, has been flowering for quite some time along the clifftops. The large dense bushes have white waxy flowers with…
3 April 2023

Flora notes March 2023

My favourite February flower has to be Ixodia, I. archillaeoides subs.alata. The clusters of these small, vivid white papery flowers growing on low shrubs, stand…
27 March 2023

September flora notes

Spring is here and our bush is being transformed into a sea of colour. The stalwart winter flowers have now been joined by the early…
10 September 2021

August flora notes

In August I’ll be walking in the heathy woodlands looking for glimpses of blue from the delightful bluish-mauve pea flowers of Common Hovea, Hovea heterophylla.…
18 July 2021

July flora notes

Along the clifftops look out for clusters of tiny yellow flowers on the bushes of Thyme Rice-flower, Pimelea serpyllifolia subs. serpyllifolia.     Thyme Rice-flower…
23 June 2021

June flora notes

In coastal areas I have been enjoying the soft autumn hues of the massed flowers on the male Drooping Sheoaks, Allocasuarina verticillata. The long, pale,…
5 June 2021

May flora notes

Common Heath: Epacris impressa A wiry open shrub with prickly tapering leaves to 15 mm long, it has masses of white, pink and red tubular…
10 May 2021

April Flora notes

It is now the middle of autumn, and as you look around the bush there is not a mass of colour to be seen. Instead…
9 April 2021