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My favourite February flower has to be Ixodia, I. archillaeoides subs.alata. The clusters of these small, vivid white papery flowers growing on low shrubs, stand out in the coastal environments. The rich-green, narrow sticky leaves tend to curl downwards. There are some delightful specimens in the Angair garden, thanks to Philippa Hesterman.



On the cliff tops at Aireys Inlet, Sea-box, Alyxia buxifolia, is a great sight with its small white, propeller-like flowers. These are now being replaced by orange-red berries which are enjoyed by birds. The shiny, oval, dark-green leathery leaves were used by First Nations’ people as a cure for dysentery.


Kangaroo apple, Acainthus laciatum, a large shrub and pioneer plant of disturbed areas and rocky sites, is now developing quite large oval smooth fruit. These start green, then turn yellow and finally orange, at which stage they are edible, being poisonous when green.

Kangaroo apple

Ellinor Campbell