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Despite the bad weather forecast, a willing group of 10 hardy birders set out for Pru Acton’s property in Hurst Road.

Pru has generously encouraged groups to visit her land for bird watching and we were looking forward to this trip. We only managed 8 very common species before the rain set in and, resolving to return on a nicer day, we went back to Angair for morning tea.

No one begrudged the rain as it’s been such a long dry summer.

The highlight was a dead Tawny Frogmouth that we picked up along the mad mile on the Great Ocean Road and brought back to the clubrooms where we got a close look at its feathers and features.

Here is the list of birds identified:

  1. Crimson Rosella
  2. Superb Fairywren
  3. New Holland Honeyeater
  4. White-eared Honeyeater
  5. Brown Thornbill
  6. Australian Magpie
  7. Gray Fantail
  8. Welcome Swallow

Margaret Lacey