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Hooded Plovers are flocking at Point Roadknight, as is usual for this time of year.


hoodedploverHooded Plover

They have been joined by some Double-banded Plovers which fly over from New Zealand in the winter. They are not in breeding plumage, but there are still signs of their double bands.

Double-banded Plover

Margaret Lacey, when photographing a group of commonly seen Crested Terns, noticed two smaller terns. After research it was identified as an immature White-fronted Tern which are also winter visitors from New Zealand.

crestedternCrested Terns and immature White-fronted Tern

There have been reports in Anglesea of Satin Bowerbirds building bowers which are being decorated with blue objects.

satinbowerbirdMale Satin Bowerbird in a bower which he has built to attract a female. The female will build a nest in the fork of a nearby  tree.

Shelduck have been appearing in the Painkalac Valley.

shelduckAustralian Shelduck

Unfortunately it appears that Common Mynas (formerly Indian Mynas) have finally made their way here, as they have been spotted raiding rubbish bins in the Anglesea shopping centre.

commonmynaCommon Myna

Ellinor Campbell
Photos by Margaret Lacey or Jordan Ayton.