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Our March birdwalk started well with a Common Bronzewing pigeon wandering around the Angair garden and displaying its iridescent orange/green wing patch when its feathers caught a bit of sunlight.


bronzewingCommon Bronzewing pigeon

The walk at Cecil track was was very pleasant, but the tall trees combined with the overcast conditions made it very hard to see the LBJs ( Little Brown Jobs) flitting quietly through the tree crowns.

Group photo

However Paul Wright got a lovely photo of three Galahs on a branch.


The walk finished with morning tea at the site of the new Parks Victoria camping ground on Woodland Track. There we were entertained by a handsome Enamelled Spider which caught a large blowfly its web, and instantly stunned it and wrapped it for later…yum

Enamelled Spider

Ellinor Campbell

Common Bronzewing photo by Rob Shepherd